Thursday, June 6, 2013

Arm Candy Madness

Have you ever walked by someone and thought to yourself, "Where'd she get that bracelet, watch, ring, top, bottom or shoes?" It's hard planning outfits for 7 days a week! I've always had the mentality of being different from others especially when it came to my appearance. However, I failed to realize how much time I consumed on myself and how much money I spent for such necessities. Day and night, I'd watch the girls on the television or in the magazine, wishing I had this and that of hers. Always had in the back of my mind, "to achieve that look I want from a magazine is nothing but a dream, an illusion and wishful thinking..." NOT!

On my journey of creating Bon Appétit Apparel ( I realized I've wasted so much time wishing and hoping to be lavishly fashionable when I was younger. There are many things out there where we could spend less and still make it look hot. How? You need to gather all your jewelry together and start pairing! To find that ultimate look of edgy, preppy or sexy you must complete it with the right accessories. Arm Candy is the new trend as I mentioned in my previous post. Having the right set is only seconds away once you pile up all your goodies you'll visually see what you want.

This is one of my favorite arm candy sets to have:

Yours Truly $38
(Includes all shown)

  1. Separate all bracelets, cuffs and watches by color plate (Gold and Silver)
  2. After the gold and silver section is created:
    Separate by immediate colors (blue, red, pink and what not)
  3. Viola! Start your pairing and playing!

All these things you could purchase at a fairly low prices consist of the same good quality as the designer brands. You have to be mindful of your spending and how fashion is worn. Wearing what's in does not demand you to spend $1500 for a watch. You wear the fashion! Let it speak and rock it.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Stacks on Stacks


Trending now are fashion bracelets! This all depends on how you pair them. I find that they are fun and playful, but definitely worth the money. When you are deciding which arm-candy suits you best, you must remember your skin tone color. You don’t want to hide the color of the accessories you wear. I did a little playing myself and had my consumers review it. They loved it! 

How did I create this look?

Love Me Bracelet from Bon Appétit Apparel

"I Believe" Bracelet Set from Bon Appétit Apparel

Hush Bracelet from Bon Appétit Apparel
All items and photos are courtesy of our store

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Splash of Colors

"Stand Out"
As spring continues, it feels just like the summer season is here... many of us think about the fun things that we could possibly be doing. What is fun without the perfect outfit, right? Around this time of the year I definitely look forward to the spring and summer nights. Hanging out with my family and friends while the sun is setting puts a smile on my face. Majority of the time while you're in your young adult years we tend to dread finding an outfit. What shoes should I wear? What would make me stand out? What’s hot? Well, look no further! This amazing outfit says it all!

"Bright Colors!"
Bright colors are sometimes worn indifferently by others. You don’t want to be the apple on a tree that has a bruised spot. Wearing bright colors should carry a balance. Tone down the color and be the shiniest looking apple!

Any Idea's? Just a few…
Night Outfit

Multi Long Sleeve Geometric Print Bodycon Dress (SheInside)

This hot abstract dress is calling for attention! The colors are beyond gorgeous. You could mix and match any accessories with this dress. To tone it down but still grab the attention of curious eyes you could put on a pair of black open-toe booties (Charlotte Russe), Marc By Marc Jacobs Clutch Evening Bag Black Silver Gold (Top Fashion Store), Bon Appétit Apparel Gold Cuff (Bon Appétit Apparel) and Michael Kors Chronograph Gold Watch (The Watchery). 

Enjoy the night and expect to get your drink tab paid for!

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